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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can a chiropractor do for me?

1. We treat joint, muscle and nerve pain

  • Recent pain (acute pain)
    • Back "feels out", "locked", "jammed", "pinched", "sprained", "strained"
    • Neck "feels out", "locked", "jammed", "pinched", "sprained", "strained" 
    • Pinched nerve
    • Disc bulge
    • Disc herniation
    • Lifted something the wrong way
    • Recent car accident
    • Recent work place injury
    • Recent sports related injury
  • Long lasting pain (chronic pain is if you've had pain for longer than 3 month)
    • You have waited a long time to get better but it hasn’t gone away on its own.
    • You have not responded to the initial course of treatment received from other methods of care.
    • You could use advice on posture, stretching, exercise and chiropractic adjustments

2. Maintenance and prevention of muscle, joint and nerve conditions with advice, soft tissue therapy and mobilization/manipulation.

  • prevention is an important part of spine and joint health care.
    • Check-ups for joint function, inflammation and muscle hypertonicity before onset of a serious musculoskeletal condition or follow up care after a serious injury.
    • Advice on preventive exercises, stretches and ergonomics.
    • Advice on self help with ice or heat.
    • Dietary and nutraceutical supplement advice based on your condition and my scope of practice.

Will it hurt?

It depends, but probably not and likely less than the pain you are already experiencing. Most people are surprised by the quick results of chiropractic and that it isn’t as painful as they had feared. The longer you put off treatment the more an treatment could potentially be uncomfortable and you may need more treatment to fully heal.  If you are in pain feel free to call to book, even if it is just for a consultation and ask some questions.

Do I need to keep coming once the pain is gone?

No, you may quit once you are better. But please member that remaining appointments need to be cancelled 24 hours ahead otherwise keep you appointment and we can work on a different issue or give additional advice.  If not enough notice is given you will probably be billed for the missed appointment.  Maintenance care, like taking care of your car with oil changes and tire alignment, is often recommended but it is ultimately up to to you.  Please tell us what you would like to do.

Will I become addicted to treatment?

No, you will become as addicted to treatment as you are addicted to dental check ups.  Patients who choose to come for maintenance care do so, not because they are addicted, but because it relieves pain, relaxes muscles and improves how they function.


On the other hand, I have patients who I don’t see for years and they only come in when they want to.  

Does "cracking" your joints cause osteoarthritis?

No, osteoarthritic joints will often benefit from a course of manipulation by alleviating joint pain and dysfunction and relaxing associated muscles.  On the other hand, if you self-"crack" your knuckles, your back or your neck out of habit many times per day this could potentially have adverse effects for your joints over the long term especially such as increased joint laxity and hypermobility.  If you feel the need to self-"crack" yourself frequently you may be suffering from facet dysfunction and the joints that are actually restricted stay restricted.  You would benefit from a chiropractor adjusting the restricted joints, soft tissue therapy and advice on specific exercises or stretches. 
Therefore self-"cracking" is not advised and there may be underlying issues causing someone to do this behaviour.  Furthermore,  you are not able to fix these issues by self-"cracking" in fact chiropractors themselves go to colleagues for treatment.  In theory, check-ups of the spine are advised to find restricted joints and to get them adjusted before they become more symptomatic. 

Questions about the fee schedule.

The value you get from treatment is greater enjoyment of life, better functioning joints and muscles and have less pain.  This of course depends on your diagnosis as effectiveness varies from patient to patient.  We treat you, not your insurance company.



  • ICBC options:
  1. ICBC can pay us directly for treatment (even if you are at fault)
  2. Pay as you go using your extended benefits
  3. Law office suggests direction to pay
  4. Law office gives you a loan and pays us directly
  • Out of Province Insurance
    • Please bring your paperwork, you will likely pay as you go and get reimbursed later.
  • WorkSafeBC car accident options
    • If you are injured while in a vehicle, WorkSafeBC pays us directly for treatment. Call 1888WORKERS and inform us of your claim number.
    • If you were at work while driving and were hit by a non-working driver you can choose ICBC or WorkSafeBC to recover costs for treatment. If you choose ICBC we will let you know what the fee is and you will prepay and get reimbursed by ICBC once discharged

If you tell us that you were injured at work we must by law report to WorkSafeBC that an injury happened. We need to know your place of employment, date of injury and what happened. WorkSafeBC pays us directly for treatment. Call 1888WORKERS to report and they will give you a claim number.

Our fees are based on the current BCCA recommended fee schedule.

We look forward to getting you better and respect the commitment you are making at our office!

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