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Pain relief is often one of the main reasons you would see a chiropractor.  Dysfunction and injury of joints, muscles or nerves are often the cause. That includes low back, mid back and neck pain but also other issues mentioned below.  


Feel free to call us if you need help managing pain after a car accident or work place injury.

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North Delta Chiropractic and Therapy Inc



  1. Neck pain

  2. Headache

  3. Whiplash and post concussion treatment

  4. Mid back and rib pain

  5. Low back pain

  6. Sacroiliac / SI joints

  7. Scoliosis and hyperkyphosis pain management

  8. Facet joint pain

  9. Disc herniation and sciatica

  10. Myofascial pain syndrome


More than the spine

  1. Arthritis  (also see LASER therapy page)

  2. Degenerative joint disease

  3. Hip, knee and ankle conditions

  4. Plantar fasciitis and other causes of foot pain

  5. Hand, wrist and elbow conditions

  6. Shoulder tendinitis and rotator cuff injuries

  7. TMJ pain and dysfunction

  8. BPPV Vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation




Myofascial Release Therapy

  1. This is a soft tissue technique that treats muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and entrapped nerves.

  2. The tissue is treated by applying appropriate tension while adding specific movements through the joint range.

  3. Sometimes instruments will be used.  This technique is otherwise known as instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization




  • Soft tissue therapy

  • Foot adjustments

  • Laser

  • Orthotics


You need to maintain your back. Your health depends on it.  Degenerative joint and disc disease is a serious issue for many people and can start as early as in your late 20s.


The chiropractor can help you keep your joints healthy, functioning well and hopefully prevent unexpected joint dysfunction.


 Spine maintenance suggestions:

a. Healthy eating

b. Aerobic & resistance exercise.

c. Stress reduction
d. Ergonomics

e. Improved posture

f. Regular chiropractic adjustments.

(A medical study published in the journal Spine found that maintenance spinal manipulation prevented reoccurrence of low back pain once back pain was gone after treatment. Those who did not get maintenance once the pain was gone had a much higher rate of the back pain returning; Spine 2011, Senna, Machaly, vol 36, no 18, pp1427-1437)

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