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Jeana S.

If I had known I would feel this much better this fast I would have come in right away instead of waiting for my insurance to kick in.


I was in a car accident and referred by my medical doctor to Dr. Louwerse and was treated quickly and recovered in time to return to work.

Daljit Malhy

I came in to see Dr Louwerse because I had neck and mid back pain.  It was really intense and I had numbness down my arm to my thumb and 1st finger. The pain was affecting my sleep and every other activity and I couldn’t work.  After doing some tests with my neck and arm he told me it was probably a slipped disc in my neck. With the first treatment I had one day of relief, and when you’re in constant pain that is really nice.  He told me that was a good sign and we continued for 6 weeks. He worked on the muscles of my neck and shoulders and gently adjusted my neck and back. During that time my neck became more comfortable and had more movement also arm pain slowly went away.  Today I do not have any neck or arm pain any more.  The only left over problem is that the tip of my 1st finger is still a bit numb. I would totally recommend you have Dr Louwerse take a look at you if you have this problem, I’m glad I did.

Neall Diston

The day I walked into my first ever chiropractor visit with Johan Louwerse I was still in severe pain due to a bulging disk and had lost hope of getting better. I even told him at the time I would have done anything to fix it,including surgery or paying any amount of money. I'm glad he talked me out of the surgery and happy to say that all it took was 11 visits and much less money than I would have gladly parted with to fix my problem. Thanks again Johan.

T. Bahia

I have had many sports related injuries over the years and have seen a lot of doctors. Physiotherapists and chiropractors. Dr. Louwerse truly provided a balanced approach to treating an injury, and overall health. A genuine doctor that truly cares about his patients is hard to find. He is well worth the drive all the way from Vancouver.

Shane Larson - Professional Farrier


I'm very impressed with Dr. Louwerse's treatment of my spine.  As a farrier I apply horseshoes and work as a blacksmith and therefore I take care of a lot of horses.  It can be back breaking work.  Other colleagues of mine take some over-the-counter medication every day so that they can get through the day.  I chose chiropractic once every 2 weeks and it is amazing how far that takes me.

Ryan Hayden


I had patellar knee problems for over two years and was about ready to hand up my running shoes for good. I met with Dr. Louwerse and he strongly recommended that I try orthotics and see if that would help get my patellar tracking properly.  At first I was skeptical as nothing else had seemed to help.  On my very first run I noticed an immediate difference in how my knee was tracking, the pain was much less and I was able to run smoothly.  After the second week I was able to do load bearing strength exercises again and my problem was history.  If you are on the fence about getting orthotics just konw that they helped me get 3rd place in the 2008 Vancouver Sun Run.


Yoshito Kawabata

Sport peformance

I am 19 years old visiting from Japan and there I am a martial artist at the national Karate level. I was suffering from pain in my ankle for 5 years. Dr.Louwerse adjusted my ankle and worked on the calf muscles a few times and it is almost back to normal. Running and kicking is a lot less painful. I am very impressed. He has  also treated me for neck and back pain of which I was also suffering with for quite sometime and it is about 80% better. When I move with less pain it helps me to perform better. I highly recommend him if you want to perform better or just enjoy your sport more.

S. Ellis

Dr. Louwerse is very good, I have fibromyalgia and chronic pain. His treatments help very much and he takes the time to explain why and how his treatment will help. I highly recommend his treatments for anyone suffering with any kind of pain, my family and friends do.

Bob Patrick

I was referred to Johan by acquaintances of mine who also see him and were very happy, with his treatment. I had mid back pain on a regular basis because of arthritis. The muscles and joints were very tender. Johan carefully loosen them up. All in all I am very happy with the care I have received. I would be glad to recommend Johan to anyone looking for a good chiropractor.

Alan Tomlinson

When I first came to the chiropractor, my wife recommended me to come here. I thought it was always bad to crack your neck, your back or any part of your body. But to be quite honest it actually made me feel way better and my back pain went away.

Patti Scott

I am writing to explain the remarkable improvement I acheived through the expertise of Dr. J. Louwerse. I came to Dr. Louwerse with a fear of being adjusted. I had a severely painful shoulder and neck. The pain ran down my arm into my hand and fingers. Dr. Louwerse was patient and understanding of my fears and worked my shoulder using the activator tool, muscle and soft tissue massage, the applications of creams and laser therapy. His understanding and patience kept me coming back. I am now pain free from that injury and am very thankful to Dr. Louwerse.
Patti Scott, owner of West Coast MOA Services Inc.

Skye Milaire


Chiropractic is amazing! Dr Louwerse and his staff are really nice and do a great job handling customers. Treatment is done very thoroughly and effectively; therefore the pain sufficiently decreases quickly. Thank you for being so great!

Matthew Bates

The first time I came in for treatment was with severe back pain. Dr. Louwerse had it feeling much better within 3 visits. His chiropractic skills work wonders for alleviating neck and back pain. Very professional and courteous office.

Christian Laub

I jumped off a 45 foot cliff into water. The impact jarred my back and I ended up getting significant pain for more then a week before calling Dr. Louwerse. After my X-rays didn't show anything someone recommended I see Johan and I am very happy I did.  He worked on the muscles of my back, applied electrodes, stretched my back and adjusted me back into alignment. It did not take very long before I was feeling relief. He gave me home icing advice and as treatment went on gave me exercise to do. Now I am pain free and I’d like to congratulate Dr. Louwerse on a job well done.

Dave B.

I have never seen a chiropractor before I came here. I suffered for 9 months off work with a herniated disc and only went for physiotherapy. After one visit and adjusting my back has felt 100% better. I feel like I am getting stronger and am doing things in life I never thought I would be able to. I feel 10 years younger!!

Kevin G.

I don’t go to chiropractors on a regular basis but its more than just comparing one
chiropractor doctor with another; it’s how you feel after the Doc deals with your pain / discomfort. I have noticed a quick improvement to my back pain. Johan (the doc) seems to know exactly what to do and techniques / tools to make me feel better.

Barbara Poznikoff

I am very appreciated of the treatment I have been given. I am confident that all my treatments and orthotics have significantly made my life 100% better. I have absolutely no criticism whatsoever. Thank you so much for all your care and consideration.

Agnes Giesbrecht

Whatever Dr. Louwerse has done has helped me. The first thing I came to see him about was my right big toe, which had been giving me a lot of pain. I think he worked a miracle on that because other “specialists” didn’t help it at all in fact they told me there was no hope for it. Since then I have had complete confidence and faith in Dr. Louwerse. I think Dr. Louwerse gives the very best care always. He is kind, considerate and very knowledgeable in his profession which I appreciate very much. It is a pleasure to see Dr. Louwerse and his receptionist every time I come in.

Shannon F.

I came in not being able to move my neck. I had a lot of pain in my neck and upper back but within a week I had about 95% better movement and a lot less pain. I am happy with the treatments and could usually notice quite a difference between each one, especially the earlier ones.

Roy V.

I had dizziness [vertigo] for 8 years every time I moved in certain positions. Sometimes I would fall over because of it. After one treatment for this from Dr. Louwerse I feel better than I have in 8 years.

Teresa B. R.N.

I am a nurse and my job demands long hours of walking and lifting. Dr. Louwerse has helped tremendously to ease my back pains and ward off problems. He is very knowledgeable and gives me follow-up exercises to do if needed. He explains his treatment so I can understand it. What impressed me was how gentle the treatments are. He has also provided me with custom foot orthotics which I believe have greatly helped my back and stamina.

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