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Hundreds of peer reviewed articles have shown that class IIIB lasers are effective in speeding recovery of injured tissue.

class 3B

A great tool to help you get out of pain and provide healing to injured tissue.  Sometimes a condition gets stuck in a cycle of inflammation and dysfunction.  LASER has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation.

5 lasers

The applicater has 5 LASERS so that more surface area can be covered. The lasers can penetrate deep enough to get into joints and muscles.



You don't feel anything.  You only hear the hum of the machine and the beeps of the timer.  It is not uncommon to require 10 sessions, but some people will see results sooner.  If you have had a long standing issue it will likely take longer than recent injuries.  Effectiveness varies from patient to patient.

total care

The care will often entail advice on hot or cold packs.

The treatment may entail soft tissue therapy and adjustments; myofascial release and manipulation.


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