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Chiropractors treat many joint, muscle and nerve conditions.

I will assess and provide you with a working diagnose of your concern. I hope to get you feeling better and moving like you should.  

Some treatment options are:

  • Joint manipulation, mobilizations or adjustments.

  • Myofascial release therapy.

  • Therapeutic LASER.

  • Advice on exercises & stretches.

  • Advice on ergonomics & posture.

  • Dispense: custom foot orthotics, pillows, wrist splints, ice packs and menthol based liniment etc.

We can bill extended benefits insurers directly as well as ICBC and WorkSafeBC. 

Who needs a chiropractor?
Anyone who has

1. Whiplash

2. Work place injury

3. Sport injury

4. Lifted something the wrong way

5. Neck, mid back and low back pain

6. Hip and knee issues

7. Shoulder and rib pain

8. Arthritis and degenerated discs

9. Migraine and other headaches

10. Constant muscle pain

11. Foot, toe and ankle pain

12. Thumb, hand and wrist pain

13. Scoliosis or hyperkyphosis related pain

14. You do. Everyone needs a spinal check-up

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